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The American Camping Association has indicated that camps will remain open will be as busy as ever after being in lockdown for so long.

There are some countries that have closed their borders in Europe, Africa and Australia, and so J1 Visas are being handed out to people from Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America who can speak English too. In 2021 and 2022 latin people were the ones who made camps happen and they nailed it! So much in fact, that camps can’t have enough of them. Latino Flavor has conquered the camping world!

Camps are requiring staff vaccinated against COVID19 with any of the vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO)
For more information visit World Heath Organization

If camps were to be canceled last minute, which we see very unlikely, we would follow the policy of our contract with your sponsor who provided the visa.

In the meantime, we invite you to stay positive and live life the way it is. Happiness is not the hand you’re dealt, it’s the choice to play that hand joyfully.