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We offer different programs full of exciting opportunities for young people, college students, graduate students and young professionals who want to immerse themselves in an international environment with people from different cultural backgrounds, philosophies, ideas and traditions. They’ll practice speaking the local language and get to experience the day-to-day life of different parts of the world.

They will have the task of living and sharing this multicultural adventure with others, and become ambassadors of their country of origin.

We have different job opportunities in different parts of the world. They are all a great experience! You only need to be motivated and we’ll help you all the way! We will make sure your journey is a complete success.


Our English-speaking staff is available to assist you and provide all counseling needed throughout your international adventure. Even when we know there are other agencies, we are certain none of them can compare to us given our super low prices, our customer service and our helpline during the whole process.


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Our history.

We are an organization with first-hand experience. Our leaders were pioneers in participating in cultural programs abroad in places such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, Six Flags Texas, international camping, corporate internships as well as working in the hospitality industry. With all this training, we decided to make the experience even better, safer, simpler and more accesible for our recruits.

Decades ago we started helping young people go work for partner companies abroad that required staff. There was such a huge response that we decided to bring it up a notch and start recruiting and preparing young people to face the international workforce.

That’s how IWEX GLOBAL was born, and since then we have become one of the top international recruiting agencies with the best jobs available in several countries around the globe.

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Our best kept secret:

At IWEX GLOBAL, part of the UNITED GLOBAL family, we offer you limitless options to become a more globally-aware person through life-changing experiences such as working in camps, cultural exchanges and trips.

Our programs give you a chance to become an instructor and counselor in a summer camp in the middle of the New York forest, a park ranger in Lake Tahoe, a ride operator at Universal Studios Florida, a coordinator at a water park in Wisconsin Dells or an account executive for an architectural firm in Manhattan.

Our philosophy is what drives us.

We firmly believe that international multicultural harmony is the way to go, and that we can achieve great life lessons from people who are very different from ourselves when we dare to come out of our comfort zone.

Our achievements

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